Care of Felt


Storing, Maintenance, Cleaning

Moths and Mould

Moths are attracted to soiled fabric. It is important to wash all your clothes, air out and wash the closet walls and shelves with 1 part white vinegar and 4 parts water.

If you have signs of infestation, laundering in hot water, ironing, steaming or freezing clothing can kill moth eggs and larvae.

Cedar wood chips,balls, hangers, or blocks with a strong enough odour repel moths. Sanding the blocks now and then or adding a drop or two of cedar essential oil would help to revive the scent.

Lavender, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Mint, Cloves, and loose Tobacco have insect repelling fragrance and may be placed in the storage area to keep moths away.

Would be wise not to store your felted goodies in a sealed plastic bag for a long period to avoid mould formation.


The unfortunate truth is that fluffing and pilling can form on garments of all materials and prices, from a high-end cashmere to a bargain-priced acrylic.

Pilling is what’s known as a “latent defect,” a problem that appears only after the garment is in use. Friction is what begins and accelerates pilling garment areas that are prone to rubbing. The pesky yarn clumps tend to form when yarn fibres break or become loose, or when the ends are exposed, and then tangle together. Nearly any knit, woven or felted garment has the potential to pill.


*You could use an electric lint shaver or pill shaver designed specifically for de-pilling, or the same electric shaver a man would use to shave.

* Using a razor blade. Must be extra careful not to accidentally cut into the fabric.

* Scissors

feltcare-mom img source unknown


Hand wash Felted Goodies in cool or luke warm water with a small amount of gentle soap and minimal agitation.

If possible, do not submerge the slippers with leather soles.

To spot clean massage the surface with a soapy wash cloth or a sponge.

Avoid scrubbing, rubbing, twisting….

Gently squeeze water out or pat between the towels.

Damp felt may be ironed on the lowest steam setting (or using a steamer), stuffed with a towel or such and/or pulled into shape if needed.

(Lay flat) to air-dry away from heat:  A folding clothes rack can help here. Remove excess water laying the item on a towel and squeezing and pressing gently. Unroll, pull into shape and leave to dry.

Treat the leather soles before they are completely dry (e.g. mink oil).

More detailed care instructions come with every Felted, Knitted or Knotted Goodie.

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