Feelin’ Good Wool

Through its fibres, rough texture, and its weight felt has an ancient feel of reminiscence of the times when nomads still roamed the earth. Its raw and textured consistency carries a nostalgic, deeper echo – memories of the first man, of times when our lives were closely intertwined with nature and the land.

Pure living wool that helps to maintain optimal body temperature is the best of the raw materials to choose for hats, scarves, mitts, socks and slippers.

Of all natural fibres, sheep’s wool is the most hygroscopic. It can absorb vapour to an amount equivalent to 1/3 of its mass, while still remaining dry to the touch.

A woollen micro-massage provides cells with the proper blood supply, thus improving circulation.

Sheep wool helps to treat

-ear infections
-relieves (rheumatic) joint pain
-muscle pain
-inflammation of tendons and ligaments
-circulatory diseases

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