Meditation Mats

These unique one of a kind Meditation Mats are made of locally sourced sheep wool. Hand carded, felted and embellished in the FeltKnotted smoke free studio. Wool yarn, cotton, nettle, linen or silk was used to embellish the mats. Also beads and semi precious stones may have been used. Every mat comes with a complete list of materials used.

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A Pile of Meditation Mats, some finished, some still waiting for the Muse to arrive

Embellished meditation mat, wool, wool yarn

Embellished meditation mat “SOL”, my first baby, and the first one to leave the nest. Wool, wool yarn, decorative stitching done by hand


Hearty meditation mat “HEART“, my second baby and the second one to find a new home. Wool, wool yarn, cotton gauge


Island lake-meditation mat, felted fleece, wool yarn, cotton thread

ISLAND” lake-meditation mat was a custom order, so  it was my third creation and the third one to leave the nest.  Felted fleece, wool yarn, cotton


Meditation mat “BIRDS” has been so far the most detailed oriented masterpiece. Free-hand design and embellishment has brought me countless hours of enjoyment. Wool and wool-blend yarn, wool fibre, cotton and hemp thread, wooden and glass beads, semi-precious stones and lots of love and lots of compassion.


3 thoughts on “Meditation Mats

  1. I love my meditation mat! What an awesome design 🙂

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